Holden's Heroes
Holden's Heroes's Fundraiser

I am running a Spartan race for my little brother, Holden! Holden is my reason! xoxo


$1,124 towards $150

On October 12th, I am going to be participating in a Spartan race. This is a very challenging race and I want to do it for all of the kids like my brother who have a hard time walking and getting around. My brother has low muscle tone and it took him a long time to learn how to walk. He gets tired very easily and I am going to challenge myself for him!

I want to make the miles count as I Run for a Reason. I am running to raise awareness and money for Dup15q Alliance so they can help people like my little brother. The Alliance is very important to me. Right now, I am the Mini Executive Director. When I grow up, I want to work for the Dup15q Alliance and help everyone with Dup15q Syndrome.

Getting the word out about Dup15q Syndrome is a key piece of the Alliance's mission.Their fundraising mission is simple: encourage personal philanthropy that helps underwrite research, potential treatments, and a variety of support opportunities for affected children and their families.

** I am doing a Spartan race in honor of my runner, Buffy and her husband Bradley. Buffy and Bradley love Spartans! Bradley is battling cancer right now and I wanted to do a race for them that they would love. I am going to run alongside Holden's runner and complete this race for everyone!

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for DUP15Q ALLIANCE