Aiisha Ramiro
Aiisha Ramiro's Fundraiser

We are Running and Challenging ourselves for a Reason! Together we can support Urijah and the Dup15q Alliance in their mission.

Support us and help make a difference, Let's support our team as they challenge their physical and mental capablities during obstacle course. Please give today.

$4,437 towards $2,500

This team made up of Keikis ages 5-13 will be joining Urijah (diagnosed with Dup15q) and will be running and challenging their physical capabilities to raise awareness and funds for Dup15q Alliance. The Keiki Makahiki Challenge is a 1.5 mile obstacle course at Kualoa Ranch that will be challenging for all ages. Getting the word out about dup15q syndrome is a key piece of the Alliance's mission.Their fundraising mission is simple: encourage personal philanthropy that helps underwrite research, potential treatments, and a variety of support opportunities for affected children and their families.

Any donation will go a long way to helping this team meet their goal for DUP15Q ALLIANCE

Meet the Team

My name is Urijah

I want to help the Dup15q Alliance because I want to help others like me! Something about me is that I have Dup15q syndrome (idic15) and I love super heroes, football and swimming!

My name is Bronson

I want to help Dup15q Alliance to help families and others like my brother Urijah. I love my brother and like to play toys with him. My favorite things are ready to robot, ninjago ,rampage, king king, monster trucks, Jurassic Park, and hot wheels.

My name is Shyla

I like to play water balloons and horses. I am running for Dup15q to support my cousin Urijah. Urijah is different from us, but he is fun to play with and I love him

My name is Hayden

I am running the race to help my cousin Urijah and Dup15q. My cousin Urijah needs help, so I can help him. I like to play games and watch Jurassic World with Urijah. My favorite things are dinosaurs and monkeys - like me silly monkey in the picture.

My name is Rylie

I am running to help my cousin Urijah because I wish he was better and didn't get seizures anymore. I want to raise money to help him and others with Dup15q. I like to help Urijah when we play ball war by helping him to throw balls at our older cousin Jacob. I believe in Urijah and love him too!

My name is Kamaha'o

I'm doing this challenge to help my little cousin who I love so so so much, I like soccer, the beach, playing with Urijah, and playing Fortnite. It is important to raise money for the challenge so that we can find a medicine for Urijah to help with his dup15q.

My name is Maile

I like to play with Urijah when he does not have any company and I really love helping Urijah with homework and other stuff and entertaining him when he is bored.Also I love to see Urijah getting better. He has a great and big happy smile! He may be so silly sometimes but in the end he is still a great and successful kid! And I am supporting Urijah to raise awareness for dup15q. Urijah is a imaginative creative and friendly kid!

My name is Kahea

I'm doing the Keiki Makahiki Challenge for my cousin Urijah who has dup15q. I have seen him grow and go through many struggles. Although he struggles he still is so supportive, kind, and loving to everyone. I want to be able to raise money to help him and others just like him now and even in the future. By raising money I'm able to help others so they may find a cure for dup15q.

My name is Malia

I want to help my cousin Urijah & other kids with dup 15 to get better. I hope he doesn't get seizures anymore. I like to swim in the pool with my cousin Urijah. Hopefully one day we can surf together. I love you Urijah!

My name is Jacob

I am doing the obstacle course to help support my little cousin Urijah. I also want others to understand what dup 15 is by bringing awareness to the subject. My interests include surfing , swimming and all ocean sports. I really want to help doctors through research and hope my donation will make a difference for Urijah and others like him. I hope Urijah can get better so he is able to be more independent on his own one day. Love you cousin Urijah!

My name is Ryzen

I'm excited to do this challenge in honor of my cousin, Urijah. I don't like it that he has this disorder because it makes it hard for him to do things that the rest of us can do. Even though Urijah has this disorder, he still always makes us laugh and is so much fun to play with. I love my cousin very much and I'm grateful that this alliance tries to learn more about Dup15q and they take care of Urijah and his family.

My name is Hazedon

I want to run so that I can help my cousin Urijah and other kids like him. I like to play flag football

My name is Po'okela

I love running, and I am glad that I will be able to help spread awareness about Dub15Q. I want to learn more about it, so that I can help more kids like my cousin Urijah.

My name is Ysabella

I had so much fun with Urijah and my other cousins at the last Dup15q Alliance Believe Walk. Now I'm going to run so people can learn more about Dup15q and help Urijah. I want to set an example for my nephew Quinton so he can help others too when he grows up. I enjoy swimming, gymnastics, making slime and going to the Aulani Resort. I also have fun with Urijah at our UH tailgate parties where we share Icees and Skittles! I don't like getting dirty but for Urijah... I'll go for it!

Family and Friends Sponsorship

Family Sponsor - $50- $249

  • Sponsorship of Team Urijah spectator fees for the event race
  • Sponsor name listed on Dup15q Alliance website

Sponsorship's Available

Super Duper Sponsor - $2,500-$4,999

  • Sponsorship of Team Urijah for the event race fee's
  • Sponsorship placement on event materials including print and electronic
  • Logo displayed on any event apparel
  • Logo linked to sponsor website on Dup15q Alliance website
  • Sign at the event

Duper Sponsor - $1,000-$2,500

  • Sponsorship of event apparel for each runner
  • Logo displayed on any event apparel
  • Logo linked to sponsor website on Dup15q Alliance website
  • Sponsor name/logo displayed on sponsorship board

Believe Sponsor - $250-$499

  • Provide water /snacks for after the race
  • Logo placed on each bottle of water
  • Logo and Sponsor name linked to sponsor website on Dup15q Alliance website

Advocate Sponsor - $500-$999

  • Provide Lunch for after the race
  • Logo linked to sponsor website on Dup15q Alliance website
  • Sponsor name/logo displayed on sponsorship board