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Help us celebrate Hilary's 6th birthday by giving to the Dup15q Alliance

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Hilary was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Chromosome 15q Duplication Syndrome at 4 years of age. She lives in Newfoundland, Canada with her parents & big sister Grace. Hilary loves playing with her 'house area' and play food, hide & seek with sister Grace, swimming, and having a good hearty laugh at one of her jokes. When she wasn't meeting her milestones around age 10 months, her parents began the hunt for answers and seeking support and therapy from many local services.

Children with Dup15q may struggle with delays in speech, ability to move and learn, behaviour difficulties, and with seizures. At present, there are just over 1300 known cases worldwide of Dup15q. Hilary's family has been able to learn about and better understand Dup15q with the help of the Dup15q Alliance, an organization that is supporting research and knowledge for individuals and families from around the world! The Alliance hosts an international conference every 2 years and granted Hilary's family with a travel bursary last year allowing her Mom to attend the amazing & unforgettable event in Los Angeles, California.

Hilary's birthday has always been an opportunity to give back to charities & organizations that have been supportive & valuable for children with developmental disabilities. Hilary will soon be 6 years old & this year her family has chosen the Dup15q Alliance as a gifting venue. Please consider a donation to support the Dup15q Alliance research mission.

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Just a small donation will go a long way to helping us meet my goal for DUP15Q ALLIANCE