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Imagine having a child who suffers through dozens of seizures on a daily basis. Their GI issues are so severe that they may require a feeding tube. They’re non-verbal, so it’s hard for them to tell you if they’re in pain or need your help. They’re resilient and love you, but their inability to easily communicate with you frustrates them and leads to challenging behaviors.

What is the underlying cause behind these symptoms? A duplication in their 15th chromosome- called Dup15q Syndrome.

Now imagine that you can help them in a real, disease-modifying way. Precise, genetically-based therapies are the future of modern medicine. We are embarking on a new era of disease-modifying treatments that will meaningfully alter the future of our children. You can be a part of that change. Your sponsorship will fund our tireless efforts to create a life-changing therapeutic designed specifically for individuals with Dup15q syndrome.